A Breathing Space Gallery: Lush Green Tea Gardens in Bangladesh

Hi there! Any plans to visit Bangladesh?

I would like to invite you to visit the lush green tea gardens of Srimongal in Bangladesh. Some beautiful attractions Srimongal offers are dense rain-forests, rubber gardens, and picturesque lakes.

This tea kingdom is about 191 kilometers from the capital city of the country. Here you may experience the verdant green of tree plantation, visually charming lake, and lush rainforest. Gibbons and Hornbills and many other animals live here in the Lauawachara rainforest. You may also explore Manipuri tribal folk culture, Khashia and Tripura way of life. Be sure to checkout Madhabkunda waterfall from the hilly river at Jaflong. Want to indulge in luscious fruits? Check out the local fruits like pineapples, oranges, and lemons, etc. A bird-watch of the local, as well as migratory birds, should be an experience of a lifetime!

Without further ado, let me share this surreal tea garden video of the place uploaded by Srimongol Amar Shohor YouTube channel.

Here’s a YouTube video on Lauawachara rain forest by ToBangladesh channel:

Below is a picturesque video on the country’s tea capital and the surrounding accommodation by ‘Bengal Voice‘ YouTube channel:

Enjoy this awesome video of Madhabkunda waterfall by Tiham Traveler YouTube channel:

Hope you enjoyed the breathing space gallery! All these videos should give you a soothing break this weekend. I look forward to doing a feature on the resorts in Srimongal at Sylhet soon. You all take care till then!


The Gold Standard of Romance

Remember the last time I spoke about this mega structure? This is the world’s tallest hotel Burj-Al-Arab which is also the only seven-star hotel in the world! The hop on and hop off tour via Big Bus currently is around $66 per day per person. This is a picture I took of this structure from my double-decker Big Bus Dubai tour in 2010.


In addition to the open-top hop-on-hop-off guided bus tours, one can also have the pleasure of experiencing this signature landmark up close and personal by making an advance booking in any of its restaurants. However, they charge a hefty fee for this sightseeing inside the hotel.

I promised I would speak more about the hotel’s opulence. Without further ado, let me show you some videos on this one of a kind hotel. Now sit back and relax, indulge yourself in a seven star experience!

This video was uploaded by the hotel’s very own YouTube channel (i.e., Burj-Al-Arab) in 2013. The caption of the video reads: “Burj-Al-Arab – The World’s Most Luxurious Hotel: Burj-Al-Arab suite-only accommodation offers discreet check-in within your suite, a private reception on every floor and a host of personal butlers, each a warm messenger of our unparalleled hospitality.”

The video portrays the immaculate precision and behind-the-scenes efficiency of this seven-star hotel:

Lets take a stroll through the amazing bathrooms of the hotel:

This following video is uploaded by the same YouTube channel during 2013. The caption reads: “Bathrooms in Burj-Al-Arab Suites: Each bathroom in Burj-Al-Arab Suites is a masterpiece, representing the ultimate in luxury.”

These bathrooms have been impeccably designed to represent the ultimate opulence in the world that one could ever ask for!

With the Valentine’s Day just around the corner, why not enjoy some romantic advertisements on the hotel, shall we?

The ad was uploaded by Jumeirah in YouTube during 2014 having the caption: “Wedding in the Skies on Burj-Al-Arab helipad: A once-in-a-lifetime event deserves a one-of-a-kind venue. Take a look at this breathtaking Burj-Al-Arab wedding, 212 meters above the Arabian Gulf on the famous helipad.”

The first ad in the series is about a daydream — a reverie between the couple where a wedding scene is shot in the Burj-Al-Arab helipad:

There were two more ads in the series. These were on ‘Romance’ and ‘Love’. Finally, this ad (’The ProposalThe Gold Standard of RomanceBurj-Al-Arab’) was uploaded by the same Jumeirah YouTube channel during 2014. This is the final ad on the ’Gold Standard of Romance’ series. In this final ad in the series, the reverie between the couple ultimately turns into a reality! Enjoy:

Here’s the link to the 360 degree view of the hotel. You may want to check it out…


I hope you have enjoyed this tour of the world’s only seven-star hotel! See you again soon with some more out of the box travel experience! Stay well.


Bangkok, Its Luscious Fruits, Eateries, and Street Food…

In my last week’s post I talked about Bangkok’s frozen yogurt store Buddhi Belly. I just needed to write more on Bangkok’s yummy fruits, street food and eateries since many of these food are really scrumptious! If you plan to visit Thailand, be sure to check out its exotic fruits. When some people say that there are only a few places on earth that can claim to have such a plentiful supply of gorgeous tasting fruit, they are telling you the truth!


Bangkok‘s coconut water is awesome! Rambutan fruit is good, too! There are plenty of food courts in Bangkok that offer variety of cuisines from different parts of the world. Some of the good food courts may be checked out — Food Loft at Central Childom, Terminal 21 Food Court, Food Republic at Siam Center, MBK Food Court, and Siam Paragon Food Hall to name a few.


I loved the presentation of the coconut water drink that I had ordered from Bangkok’s legendary Mah Boon Krong (MBK)’s Fifth Food Avenue on the fifth floor. It was not only the presentation; the coconut water is super awesome, too!


The picture above is of the fresh produce at the Tops Market at Bangkok. The sight of the fresh fruits and veggies enticed me to buy from there. I could not resist clicking a picture of the fresh produce that was on display there!

Many Bangkok and Singapore restaurants let guests have the liberty of preparing their own food on wok. Below is the picture of the food we (my friends — Selina, Sharful, Shelly, Sazzad, and I) made while dining at Bangkok’s Siam Paragon food court.




Shelly and I had a superb dining experience in one of the best restaurants I had experienced in Bangkok — Secret Recipe at the Terminal 21 shopping mall. Below is the picture of the food and the drink we had ordered from there.


I have never tasted anything so scrumptious at the Secret Recipe restaurant at Terminal 21 shopping arcade. I remember I had ordered Dori fish from there. This is a place that is ideal to hangout with friends and have sumptuous food in affordable price. Secret Recipe is a famous franchise of sweet and savory meals. Be sure to check it out!


The roadside Arabian Schwarma from the Middle Eastern eatery near the Bumrungrad Hospital was really scrumptious! There are many Middle Eastern restaurants near the Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok since the hospital caters to medical tourism and many of its patients come from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries.

There is also a famous Seafood Market Restaurant in Bangkok which is really unique in its style and its ambiance. This is probably the largest seafood market in the world where the visitors can shop for their own seafood and the chefs there would cook the fresh seafood for them straight from their kitchen while the visitors wait in the dining table. There is a huge variety of seafood available in the market — namely prawns, lobster, snapper, oysters, etc. The restaurant is a bit exorbitant in price range. Thanks to Shelly’s boss, Mr. Zarre Omar (on behalf of their office) who was the host of this dining experience of ours at the Seafood Market Restaurant in Bangkok.

Here is a video on the Seafood Market Restaurant on Bangkok’s Sukhumvit Soi 24 that was uploaded by Sabai Sabai YouTube channel. Enjoy:


Singapore Eye and Marina Bay Sands

Perhaps you remember I had told you before in one of my blog posts that I am yet to visit London at UK and therefore, I have not been able to experience the charm of the London Eye. However, in my last visit to Singapore, I have been fortunate enough to experience the Singapore Flyer or in other words, the Singapore Eye, which in fact, at 165 meters, was taller than the London Eye. At that time when I visited, the Singapore Flyer was the world’s largest observation ferris wheel offering the tourists a breathtaking view of the Singapore’s changing cityscape. I believe this still is the highest ferris wheel.

Once I landed in Singapore, this is the picture I took of the landmarks from the taxi. You may notice the Singapore Flyer, the Shell-shaped Cool Conservatories, and the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in this picture:


Once I stepped on board the world’s largest ferris wheel with Shelly, we got a panoramic birds eye view, i.e. a 360° view of Singapore. From this ferris wheel, even parts of Malaysia and Indonesia at a distance far off could be seen! The ride was about 30 minutes long. Shelly also has a YouTube video on his YouTube channel: Mirza Sadrul Alam. You may want to check this out, if you are interested. Since the entire video was not fully in English, therefore I decided not to include it here. But, I guess you would be able to understand since we’ve spoken in English about 95% of the time in that video.

Here is my picture inside our capsule of the Singapore Flyer. I can tell you it was a fabulous experience! You may catch many different landscape photos of Singapore at different altitudes once the wheel starts turning!


Here is another view of this landmark (Singapore Flyer) at nighttime that I grabbed from the observation deck of another fascinating and one-of-a-kind landmark of Singapore: The Marina Bay Sands Hotel!


The Marina Bay Sands Hotel has an infinity pool! Scary? No it is not so scary as it seems! The engineering has been done in such a way that swimming on the edge that is about 650 feet above the ground (55 storeys up) although is daunting yet the swimmers would not fall off!

This beautifully detailed Singapore HD YouTube video below on the Infinity Pool at The Marina Bay Sands Hotel was uploaded by Jacek Zarzycki’s YouTube channel. Enjoy!

While visiting there, I found the hotel authority was very particular about the privacy and security of the hotel guests and therefore I personally kept away from clicking any pictures of this pool and the hotel guests. Therefore, I am sharing only the picture that I took of myself while being very close to the Infinity Pool inside the hotel:


By the same precincts, the Gardens by the Bay offers a fascinating experience for the tourists of Singapore. This park offers a beautiful experience of a park spanning 101 hectares!

This botanical techno garden has the iconic shell-shaped conservatories. These two conservatories are the largest climate-controlled greenhouses in the world! One of these has flowers from Mediterranean regions, and the other contains the tropical plants inside. There is man-made waterfall inside one of these shells (i.e., one of these cool conservatories) which is 30 meters high. Here is a beautiful YouTube video of Singapore vacation travel guide by Expedia channel that also features Singapore’s Landmark Gardens, i.e. Gardens by the Bay, and SuperTree Grove:

I hope you enjoyed this post from the Umini’s Itchy Feet! I would like to conclude by featuring another lovely YouTube video on the fireworks display at The Marina Bay Sands uploaded by Genesis3417 channel:

Be sure to check out all these fascinating attractions once you are at Singapore!



Bangkok’s Store of Sumptuous Frozen Yogurt – ‘Buddhi Belly’

I have been to Bangkok many a times till now. My Bangkok experience is not that great due to the reason that it is the only place where I have been to for check-ups which, unfortunately have not been a very pleasant experience that I would want to remember when I look back. Nonetheless, there are some very good experiences that I could rather reflect on. Bangkok is a haven for branded items you can have in good price. But, beware of the fake items! You need to have a keen understanding in this matter in order to differentiate the fake from the genuine.

Like I said, there are also some positive aspects that I could find in Bangkok. Firstly, there are some really good bookstores at Bangkok like Kinokuniya and Borders. Also there are sumptuous as well as scrumptious street food items and franchise food outlets that are only available in Bangkok. One such franchise is Buddhi Belly. This is a frozen yogurt store that serves slightly sour taste of yogurt with prodigal amounts of fresh fruits and granola that they sprinkle on top of the light, frozen yogurt lavishly when the dessert get delivered.

Below is the picture of the marvelous icon of the frozen yogurt store that I could not help to refrain myself from clicking the photo in the Siam Paragon shopping mall.


Here is one of the store-fronts of Buddhi Belly at a Bangkok shopping mall:


Never have I tasted any frozen yogurt as tasty as ’Buddhi Belly’!


I have become such a fan of the yogurt that I asked Shelly, my travel mate to click a picture of mine with the banner of the store at Siam Paragon.



I was in so love with the cute icon of the brand that I took picture of the trade character imprinted on the things that usually are supplied from the store with the delivery of the dessert (pictured above).


The above pictureis the dessert that I took at Siam Paragon! Unless you have tasted it yourself, you will never know how awesome it is! Now, I do not get any commission to spread this positive word of mouth! I really do appreciate whatever is truly good according to my opinion!

Here is the assorted menu of Buddhi Belly from their website that I felt I should share with you:


Here is the video of the store that Bo Christensen YouTube channel had uploaded. The title of the video is ’Thai CityDeals Buddhi Belly’:

If you happen to taste Buddhi Belly yourself, please do remember that ’Umini’s Itchy Feet’ suggested this ambrosia to you!


Surreal Nilgiri and Dreamlike Darjeeling

People say that the picturesque Nilgiri at Bandarban in Bangladesh is surreal and the heaven on Earth. The clouds touch down to the Earth in this place! Being in the Nilgiri Resort is awesome, as if ‘being above the clouds!’ since Nilgiri is surrounded by the hills and the clouds most of the time.

It is a fabulous and aesthetically pleasing breathing space to enjoy the serenity of the mother Earth. Those who want to meditate and indulge with ultimate relaxation can book cottages at the Nilgiri resort. This is a place for unwinding far away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Want to embrace the clouds? Nilgiri in Bangladesh is the ideal place. Many compare this place to Darjeeling in India. Nilgiri is located in Thansi Upazilla in Bandarban district which is about 48 km away from the town of Bandarban. There is a neat resort at the top of the hills hosted by Bandarban Officers’ Club, which is a sister concern of Bangladesh Army. Anybody wanting to visit the resort has to take permission from the Army.

Here is a video on this beautiful heaven on Earth! This amazing video has been uploaded by Mr. Pavel Shahriyar in 2010. Enjoy this video that is bound to give you a truly magical experience!

Like Nilgiri, there is another place that I know in the world where the clouds touch down the Earth. This is Darjeeling in India. I went to Darjeeling in 2007 with my travel mates. We went there by road via Burimari Point in Bangladesh.

Here are some of the pictures that I had clicked of Darjeeling during our trip in 2007:

This is a picture of the bluish mountains of Darjeeling.


Here is the picture of the train of the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, also popularly known as the ‘toy train’. The railway basically follows the tract of the Hill Cart Road. This railway has a very special place in the Indian popular culture as so many popular films in India had portrayed this railway.

I had clicked this picture while the train was plying on the hills:


Here is an extremely popular Indian song ’Meri Sapnon Ki Raani Kab Aaye Gi Tu’ from the film Aaradhna. Enjoy this beautifully melodious song sung by legendary Indian vocalist Kishore Kumar (with English subtitles). This song was pictured in Darjeeling. Many YouTube channels have uploaded this song. Among the all the uploads, the only video of the song with English subtitles was uploaded by bollyoldisgold channel.

You can take pleasure of watching this splendid short video of the beautiful Kanchenjunga peak of the Himalayas in Darjeeling, India. Lying on the eastern border of Nepal with India, Kanchenjunga is the third highest peak in the world.  The video credit goes to Mr. Chandan Prakash, who has uploaded this in his YouTube channel.

Like Darjeeling Himalayan Railway train, Kanchenjunga Himalayan peaks also have a very popular place in Bengali Indian popular culture.

Stay tuned for more blog posts on enchanting Darjeeling.


Charlie Brown Café Ambiance at Orchard Road, Singapore and Ambiance at Other Cafés in Asia

Once I went to Singapore for the third time, I made it a point to check out the Peanuts comic strip themed ’Charlie Brown Café’. The Peanuts characters have always been a favorite to me, especially Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and Lucy. Shelly looked up the location in Google Maps and he figured out that we could go and explore the Charlie Brown Café at Orchard Road. There we went to the café and spent some time with the Peanuts characters!


The picture above is the picture that I had clicked about the entrance view of the Charlie Brown Café at Orchard Road in Singapore. Currently there is one more at Cathay Cine-leisure Orchard. At the entrance of the Orchard road café one could find the sculpture of Snoopy and Charlie Brown welcoming the guests at the shop-front. Charlie Brown Café is the first Peanuts comic strip themed café in the region of South East Asia. This café is thoughtfully decked with adorable Peanuts character sculptures and many of Peanuts collector’s items.

Here is another picture of the Charlie Brown Café entrance that I collected. This café is near Hongik University Station, Seoul, South Korea. Photo credit: daniellekoffler’s travel blog ‘travel tale and good eats’. You may notice a little difference in the costume of Charlie here.


Here is the store-front of the café in Malaysia (Photo Credit: Jeffrey Ho):



In Singapore café, Shelly ordered this coffee (pictured below) that came with a Charlie Brown face and before he drank the coffee, I quickly grabbed a snapshot of the presentation of the drink.


The coffee was not really great but it was okay. I faintly remember we shared a dessert. It was good. Many say that the desserts and cakes here are “rather delicious!” Here the pancakes, crepes and pastries — every item has a character face stenciled on it. Character butter cookies are also sold in some of the Charlie Brown Cafés in Hong Kong. Here is a video of the café uploaded by Jayoung Lee in her YouTube channel. This video features the cafe in tsim sha tsui at Hong Kong:

Here is a cute version of cappuccino picture prepared with espresso, hot milk, and steamed-milk froth with having the coco powder on top of the coffee to create the Charlie Brown character designs was posted by The Moon Cafe blog.


Here are some more ambiance photos throughout Asia of the café uploaded by various fans.


The photo above was posted by Mike Powell in his blog post on Busan, South Korea Charlie Brown Café. I remember, the Singapore café also had similar tables.


Another café staircase featured above in South Korea near Ewha University. Photo Credit: roseline, Source: roseline’s blog post on ’uniquecafe’.



The above store ambiance pictures were posted by Nigel Low about this café by the Straits Quay Retail Marina, Penang, Malaysia. Below is the in-store picture of the café in Orchard Road, Singapore uploaded by @spiceover. This was one of my favorite ambiances of this café. I had dined there exactly in that place.


Below is the dessert (ice cream with pancake) served by this particular café in Thailand. Photo Credit: Charlie Brown Café, Thailand.


This photo credit featured below of ’Snoopy, Woodstock & Charlie Brown inside lunchbox’ goes to Charlie Brown Café, Orchard Road, Singapore Facebook page. I had taken this from the photo uploads of the café during January 2013.


This photo of the ‘whole plate with Snoopy & Friends’ was also posted by Charlie Brown Café, Orchard Road, Singapore on its Facebook page during January 2013.


During our visit to this café, Shelly and I had ordered a quick late lunch that featured Snoopy’s inside the lunch plate. The culinary creation that featured this was done with rice, fish, and vegetables. We were so famished with hunger that I forgot to grab a picture of the dish. However, thanks to the benefit of social media, with the café’s own Facebook page photo posts, I could at least give you an idea of what we had at the Charlie Brown Café during our lunch time in Singapore!


‘Bangladesh: A Land of Stories’ and Crimson Blood Lyrics on ‘The International Mother Language Day’

I am starting today’s blog post with a video sequel of the advertisement campaign ’Beautiful Bangladesh’ by Bangladesh Tourism Board. I hope you all remember the first video of this campaign that I had featured in one of my earlier blog posts (Please refer to the article on ’Travel Beautiful Bangladesh: A School of Life Advertising Campaign’ and the video posted earlier).

Now sharing this full high definition video of the ’Beautiful Bangladesh — A Land of Stories’ uploaded recently by the YouTube channel ’Tango Orange’:

Video Credits (Bangladesh: A Land of Stories):

Production House: Half Stop Down

Director: Amitabh Reza Chowdhury

Agency: Market Edge Limited

Client: Bangladesh Tourism Board

This video beautifully depicts the happiness and the warmth one can find in this amazing country — Bangladesh. The video has also been featured by TripAdvisor.

The advertisement features the country’s unique sights, namely: the Sunderbans (world’s largest mangrove forest), Cox’s Bazaar (world’s largest unbroken beach), the native villages of Bangladesh (including the tribal villages of the country), Ahsan Manzil (the Pink Palace, historically it was the official residential palace of the Dhaka’s Nawab family), Shaheed Minar (Martyr Monument, a national monument to commemorate the lost lives when police force opened fire on Bengali protesters who demanded equal rights for speaking their native tongue), Rangamati (popularly known as the ’Lake City’, it is also the capital city of Chittagong Hill Tracts), and Sylhet (one of the major cities of Bangladesh, surrounded by tea estates, sub-tropical hills, rain forests and river valleys; the region is one of the leading tourist destinations in the country (Source: Wikipedia). The ad also reflects on the nation’s popular sports (Kabadi and Cricket), folk culture, making of the traditional Nakshikatha quilt, and the lush green paddy fields of Bangladesh, etc.

I don’t know if all of you know that there is unique history of language movement that makes Bangladesh stand out and stand apart from the rest of the nations in this world! The video of the advertisement above also features the monument Shaheed Minar, that is the emblem of the language movement that was fought with the West Pakistanis in 1952. February 21 marks the martyrdom of the Bengalis who gallantly fought for their right to speak their own mother tongue in their own country. UNESCO had declared on 17 November 1999 that February 21 should be observed as The International Mother Language Day throughout the world.

The following photo of the Shaheed Minar was posted by Tanzirian in skyscrapercity. This photo named as the ’Shaheed Minar on eve of Ekushey’ was posted by no n@me:

Let me share a little history about the day posted by Wikipedia: “International Mother Language Day has been observed every year since 2000 to promote linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism. The date represents the day in 1952 when students from different educational institutions such as Dhaka University, Dhaka Medical College demonstrating for recognition of their language, Bengali, as one of the two national languages of the then Pakistan.” (Source: Wikipedia) The protesting Bengali students were shot and killed by police in Dhaka (near the High Court); Dhaka is the capital of present-day Bangladesh. Wikipedia reports, “In 1952, Bengali students in East Pakistan (the current Bangladesh) rose up and protested against the Pakistani government for declaring Urdu as the national language. The majority of the Pakistani citizens (as of 1952), about 54% of the citizens, were Bengali. In the protest several students died for defending the Bengali language for themselves and for the future generations.”

My late mother (who was one of the country’s leading vocalists) had a sung a famous song on the occasion of February 21 (the day is now is considered as the International Mother Language Day) and this song nowadays gets regularly broadcasted in the nation’s one of the prime television channels NTV during the month of February every year. It was the 21st February that planted the seed of independence for the country that we proudly call ‘Bangladesh’! Shahid Alam, an educationist and former diplomat of the country in a book review ‘Language Movement and on the Making of Bangladesh’ writes, “The precursor to Bangladesh’s independence was the dishonor done to the cultural factor of its language. The struggle for political and economic emancipation of the Bengalis took off, and snowballed, from the language movement, immortalized by the date of Ekushey February 1952.” (Source: ’Tale Retold of a Proud Struggle’, thedailystar.net)

The 21st February massacre happened near city’s Dhaka Medical College and Ramna Park. The students of Dhaka University and Dhaka Medical College made a makeshift monument on February 23rd in 1952. The first monument took two days at a stretch to build. However, the Pakistani police force soon demolished that on February 26th. This was the first monument of the language movement where my maternal uncle late Dr. Zia Hasan, the then student of Dhaka Medical College was one of the erectors of the monument.

Here is the YouTube video of the song on 21st February that my mother sang:


Video Credits (Song: ’Barkat Salam’er Shonite’):

This video was re-made and posted on Humayun Farid’ s YouTube channel on Jan 03, 2015 (upon the vocalist’s family members’ request).

Song: Barkat Salamer Shonite

Lyric: Dr. Mohammad Moniruzzaman

Music Composition: Samar Das

Video Concept: Mustafa Kamal Syed

English Translation: Anonymous

Vocalist: Anjuman Ara Begum

The substance of the lyric in English has been provided by one of the family members of the vocalist who wished to remain anonymous:

“The roads have taken on a crimson hue –

The blood of Barkat, Salam, a martyred few.

And this Bengali nation vows anew,

On the blood of those the monsters slew:

We won’t let them die in vain,

For the Bengali language our brothers lay slain,

For the language that they strove to gain,

Anything less we shall disdain.

The language that our mothers spoke,

In every locality of the village folk,

Telling the tale of a night of despair,

But also of a dawn breaking off its layer,

With reckless valor conquering fear,

Removing oppression and wiping a tear.

Removing the burden of a crushing yoke,

To speak the language our mothers spoke.

We are the hope of a martyred band,

Together we shall achieve, hand in hand,

Our mothers’ language, our brothers’ goals,

The heartbeat of a million souls.”

I would like to end this blog post with a beautiful picture that one my dear comrade at Knoxville, Tennessee S.M. Afzalur Rahman who had clicked this month. The artistic picture of this fabulous edible cake was made by none other than one of my fellow Bangladeshi companions at Knoxville, Tennessee who is a student of Chemistry at University of Tennessee, Knoxville. She is Fatema Wahida Lisa who made this artistic addition on the eve of February 21st, 2015 to commemorate the International Mother Language Day. She made this culinary creation this February 21, 2015 for a get-together at the invite of Sakib Hasan Hridoy, a student of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.


Photo Credit: S. M. Afzalur Rahman

Culinary Creation / Cake Artist: Fatema Wahida Lisa

This was a beautiful addition in the occasion to reminisce and to commemorate the proud history behind The International Mother Language Day… even across the miles at Tennessee in the United States of America!


I Survived ‘The Edge’! My Visit to Eureka Skydeck at Melbourne

All four of us (Umana, Shelly, Sharful and Selina) went to see the Eureka Skydeck at Melbourne, Australia in 2010. This is the highest skyscraper in Melbourne. It offers an awe inspiring view of the city of Melbourne from the Southern Hemisphere’s highest vantage point. Located on the southern banks of the Yarra river of Melbourne, Eureka is positioned for 360 degree, floor-to-ceiling views!

Here is the picture I took in front of the 88 storied skyscraper:


Here is the picture of Sharful in the observation deck:


Here are the pictures I took of the Melbourne city from the Eureka Skydeck’s 88th floor terrace above the ground:








The Skydeck 88 is the only observation deck in the world that can thrill its visitors with ’The Edge’ — a glass cube which projects 3 meters out from the building — with the maximum capacity of 12 visitors in it — suspended almost 300 meters above the ground! I thought it would be a great challenge for me to endure the thrill in there! Nonetheless, I survived ‘The Edge’!

Here is a relatively recent YouTube video post on Melbourne featuring the Eureka Skydeck, uploaded by its own YouTube channel Eureka Skydeck:

Below is a YouTube video of Eureka Sky Tower of Skydeck 88, and the Edge Experience, uploaded by the CityDiscovery YouTube channel:

Skydeck 88 strongly recommends its visitors not ride ’The Edge’ if they possess any of the following conditions:

If they have acrophobia, i.e. fear of heightsIf they have claustrophobia, i.e. fear of closed spacesIf they are sensitive to loud or sudden noiseIf they are pregnantIf they have heart problemsIf they have Epilepsy, and other medical conditions

According to the Weekend Notes blog post by Lionel, a trip to Melbourne’s highest man-made lookout point — Eureka Skydeck 88, is incomplete without having the opportunity of mailing postcards to family or friends from Australia’s highest postbox! Four of us were introduced to this concept for the first time during our trip to the Skydeck, and we thought that it was a cool concept! Four of us — Umana, ShellySharful and Selina dropped two postcards from there to reach our apartment in Bangladesh.


Above is the post box I had been talking about!


The picture above is of Sharful and Shelly writing the postcards to themselves from the 88th floor of Eureka Skydeck while Selina looked on.



The pictures above are about me, Sharful and Selina making a post to ourselves to our home in Bangladesh from the world’s highest post box in Melbourne, Australia!

Interestingly, though all of us had expected that the postcards would reach us at the same time yet the postcards did never reach at the same time! Although we stayed at Dhanmondi in the same building, it was strange that my card had not reached even within the same month it had reached Sharful and Selina! I thought the postcard to myself was lost in transit somehow yet it finally reached me more than a month later after Sharful and Selina’s postcard to themselves reached them!

Thank God, my postcard to myself ultimately reached me after a long time though I thought it was lost in transit! But, oh well, better late, than never!


A Trip Down Under!

Four of us (i.e., Umana, Shelly, Selina and Sharful) had decided to have a trip ‘down under’ during 2010. We decided Melbourne could be an ideal place to visit Australia for the very first time!


Here’s one of the videos (posted in YouTube by ’experiencemelbourne’ channel in 2009) that we had watched initially before setting out to explore Melbourne.

Here is one of the latest videos (2013) on Australia tourism (Melbourne Vacation Travel Guide) posted by the ’Expedia’ channel in YouTube:

From a 09 hour-long trip straight from Malaysia, boarding on a budget air we landed in Melbourne, Australia only for five days. Melbourne wakes up pretty early and the day starts from about 7 am and everything closes at around 5 pm! After five, the whole town seems just like a ghost town!

Luckily there were free trams and hop-on-hop-off buses available to explore the city. Unfortunately, due to my inability to get off the jet lag, I used to wake up at about 12 noon – 01 pm Melbourne time. Then I used to have only a couple of hours to explore the city!

Here are the pictures I had clicked of Docklands area surrounding our service apartment at Melbourne.



These are the surrounding areas of Arkley service apartments at the Docklands, Melbourne, Australia. There are many expensive restaurants, exhibits and museums nearby.


These are our pictures we had clicked in the evening once me and my friend Selina set out to explore the area at Docklands.


It was pretty darn cold and quite like the climate of Knoxville, Tennessee. All of the four seasons could be experienced in one day! Dressing up in layers was still inadequate with the jackets that we packed with us. This is when we realized we should have gotten gloves to prevent the wind chill.

These picture below are of the Arkley service apartments at Docklands, Melbourne that four of us had booked for ourselves.


The picture above is the entrance of the Arkley apartments that we had checked in. The apartment was extremely secured. None was allowed without swiping a card and the elevator could only take one to the designated apartment s/he lived in. No way one could approach any other apartment in the building. Therefore one could only see this much of the other apartments from the balcony (take a look at the picture below):


My friend Sharful was ecstatic about the view of the Melbourne river. In the picture below you can get an idea you happy he was with the beautiful view from the balcony of the apartment as he was asking us to have a look once we just checked in the apartment. You may notice we had just dropped our luggage inside the living room and set out to explore the nook and cranny of the apartment.



This is Melbourne river at night (picture above).

Before I say adios, let me share this beautiful video of new years fireworks of 2014 at Docklands, Victoria, Melbourne, Australia by Samuel Brown.

See you soon! Here’s Umini signing off by saying, “G’day, Mate!”